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Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology

Qadiraba Cantonment, Dayarampur Road, Dayarampur 6431, Natore, Bangladesh.

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Location and about Qadirabad Cantonment: 
BAUET is located in between Natore to the North, Iswardi & Abdulpur to the South, Bonpara to the East and Bagatipara to the West. Formerly, this place was known as Dayarampur.  Engineering Centre and School of Military Engineering (ECSME) of the Bangladesh Army is located here.  Centering this school, a Cantonment has been established here. This Cantonment is named after Shaheed Lt Col Abdul Qadir who was martyred in the War of Liberation.

A Few Words about the University: 
Bangladesh Army has recently decided to establish Three Engineering Universities at Saidpur, Qadirabad and Comilla Cantonments. The Engineering University is named as Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET). Qadirabad is one of these three universities. This University has been established as per the Private Universities Act 2010 of the Bangladesh Government.  It is run on the basis of this law and the directives given by the Ministry of Education, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) Agargaon, Dhaka.

Objectives of the University are to ensure Quality Technological Education at affordable cost in rural areas outside Dhaka.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU):
We have Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with ECSME Qadirabad, RUET, Rajshahi and Qadirabad Cantonment Sapper College to provide us with necessary assistance available with them. Signing of MOUs with University of Rajshahi (RU) and some other organisations related with Engineering Education are in progress.

About our Campus:
At present, we have been using our temporary campus with temporary or hired infrastructures for our Administrative and class activities and planning a suitable place for our permanent campus adjacent to the Qadirabad Cantonment which will continue to provide us with a sense of safety, security and congenial educational environment as it has been doing since the inception of the BAUET Project.

Teaching Staff / Faculty Members:
Required number of qualified and experienced teachers has been appointed to cater the students to be admitted in this University. Teachers from the Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) and some teachers of relevant subjects from The University of Rajshahi (RU) will also join us as part-time teachers. There will be other efforts to enrich the teaching staff of this university and make the teaching more resourceful.

Students Recruitments:
Regarding students recruitments, we are very selective. We do not admit students without admission tests. Only those meritorious students who are capable to pursue the Engineering Education in various programmes will get chance in our careful intake.

The question of discipline will be given utmost importance here. This campus is a politics, smoking and eve-teasing free zone. As a result, courses will be completed in due time.  

Admission Process:
Though the admission process started with the initiative of the MIST Dhaka, it will now be carried out from the campus of the BAUET  in the better interest and convenience  of the admission seekers. Admission is now being given to candidates selected by the MIST Dhaka. Side by side, fresh applications for admission have been invited by the BAUET authority to fill up a few seats which may remain vacant even after most of the selected candidates get admitted.

Residential Facility:
University authority has arranged hired accommodation (Hostel) for both boys and girls on payment basis. Hostels will be managed by the authority concerned and it will be a secured one. However, anybody wants to stay at their own arrangement will be allowed. University authority has its plan to make permanent students dormitories in the shortest possible time.