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Plot No # 651-52, west Khabashpur, Faridpur, Bangladesh.

Email : info@times.ac.bd Website : www.times.ac.bd


Times University Bangladesh is a Government Approved Private University which has been founded by Times University Trust. The Trust is a non-political, non-profit voluntary organization. It has been founded with the aims to spread the scope of quality higher education among the student of the southern part of the country within affordable cost. In south bangle huge intending higher education seeking students run for Dhaka to study in the private university which makes them higher cost for acquiring higher education not even in a general quality standard. In view with a great thinking times university have been established to provide higher education with quality by lower cost for the aspiring student of south bangle including greater Faridpur, Barisal division and Khulna Division. The Times University Trust is fully committed and dedicated to the mentioned perspectives. We through challenge for our visions to be completed.