A Programme On The Reflections Of Residential Semester Activity Of BRAC University

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Walking through the memory lane”, a programme on the reflections of residential semester activity of BRAC University was held on March 30 in BRAC CDM auditorium in Savar. The programme organised by the students and the faculties of residential campus of BRAC University showcased the activities and experiences of the students during the residential semester. The parents of the students were invited to see these activities of their children. Before the formal inauguration a group of students presented a song named “RS Potro” in a style of rural “puthi paat.” The whole programme was presented in a news presentation style where two of the RS students acted as the news presenters. The inauguration began with the speech of the Pro Vice Chancellor of BRAC University, Dr. Golam Samdani Fakir. The aim of the programme was well accomplished, making it a successful one. At the end of the programme, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ainun Nishat gave a speech addressing the parents and the students.

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