Student Visa Information: Higher Study Abroad In Japan

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Higher study in Japan
Japanis a development country in over the world. Japan has called ‘Sunset's country’. Japan has many opportunities to studies for abroad student. Its study language is Japanese. Some university offer study in English also.

Admission session

Twosemesters are available in Japans University. There is

  •     April to September
  •     October to March

Scholarship and Credit transfer are also available in Japans Universities.


Chemistry, Construction and Research, Electronics, Medical Science and service, Marin affairs, Information management, Agriculture, Political science, Economics, Astronomy, Applied geography, Architectural science, Civil engineering, chemical engineering, Environment Health, BBA, Education, Home Economics, Music, History and religion, Theater, Philosophy, law etc.

Course Duration

  • For Bachelor Degree 12 years educational background must be needed
  • For Master Degree 16 years educational background must be needed


Courses Name                                                 Duration
Bachelor Degree                                             4 Years
Master Degree                                                 2 Years
Associate Degree                                           2-3 Years
Doctoral Degree                                              3 Years
Medical Science (Bch.Deg)                           6 Years
Medical Sci Doctoral Degree                        4-5 Years

  • Minimum six months training in Japanese languages
  • TOEFL or CBT score 150 and IBT score 52 wants many Universities


Tuition Fee

Tuition fee is variation from one varsity to another university. Generally yearly tuition fee Japanese college is 940961, public universities 1069676, Private universities 748352-5746277.

Living Cost
Annually total living cost is (Meal, cloth, transport, travel, telephone, others) 13187- 178092. International student must be done health Insurance. 18 thousands yean will be spent for health insurance.
Credit Transfer

Student can apply for credit transfer in undergraduate and postgraduate. Who are already completed in 50% course duration, they do not apply for credit transfer. Most universities are accepted in 'B' grade. In this situation all necessary information must be given and also submit a prove certificate which course are already completed.


Working Opportunities

Abroad student can apply for work permit, after course started. University or college student can works 28 hours per weeks and on research student can work 14 hours per weeks. A student can work 8 hours per holydays. Working sector such as fast food catering, sells man, computer work, tutor, body guard, window cleaner. Salary are differs from jobs type. Salary for English teacher - 3000-4000, sells man - 1000-1200, Restaurant - 900-1000, full time works such as accounting - 250000, Engineering - 4 million, office stuff - 2-2.50 lakh yean.

  Documents/ How to apply

  • Choice your university which you want to study.
  • Know last date of admission and admission form
  • Submit application form to university office staff
  • Download application form from universities web
  • Properly fill up application form
  • Submit your passport photo copy,IELTS & TOEFL score certificate.
  • Attached mark sheet, testimonial & all educational documents with your application form
  • After submit your application form they reply with you within 5 or 6 months later


Consular & Visa office
Plot# 5 & 7, Dutabash Road, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Telephone : 880-2-8810087

Fax             : 880-2-8826737

Email        :

Office Hours
09:00 - 17:00 (Sunday through Thursday) (12:30~13:30 Lunch Break)
For Visa Purpose:
(Tuesdays will be closed for visa purposes)
Interview : 09:30~11:30
Application Receipt : 11:30~12:30
Application form distribution : 11:30~12:30
Visa Delivery : 14:30~15:30


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