Registration, Admission, Readmission Procedure & Some Basic Rule

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Registration Procedure: A student will register himself/herself for a particular term by paying the semester admission fees. A total of 3 to 4 courses may be assigned from term to term.

Promotion to the next Term: A student will be promoted to the next term upon completion of at least two subjects.

Transfer from any other university: Students from any other recognized university are eligible for transferring their credits to MU. They must produce original academic tranblockeds and previous mark sheets along with photocopies there of.

Exemption of courses: Students with good academic records or extensive professional experience may apply for course waiver. Application should be submitted either to the Head of the Deptt. or The Dean of the respective Faculty with required papers.

Students having completed any course at the undergraduate level are eligible for getting waiver provided that it is approved by the Equivalence committee.

Admission of foreign Students: foreign students meeting the requirement of any program are eligible for admission as full time student. Foreign students may also be enrolled under any exchange program of the University.

Readmission Procedure: Students who need to be registered again for dropping or failure of being promoted to the next term are required to take readmission paying certain fees. Readmission will not be granted without the recommendation of the respective Head of the Deptt.

Class Attendance: Students need to attend the classes on regular basis. A minimum of 60 percent attendance is required to seat for the final exams. Class attendance is regarded as a part of the course requirement.

Student Dismissal: A student may be dismissed from the University due to sever misconduct/indiscipline, unfair means in exam and so on.

Medium of Instructions: The entire medium of Instructions of the University is English. The University is strictly maintaining the standards and quality of Education.

Disciplinary Procedure: Proctorial & Disciplinary Committee will examine any allegation of misconduct, indiscipline, unfair means etc. alleged against any student and finally will recommend any action against that students.

Course Load: Generally, 3-5 courses are offered from term to term. There is no scale of availability for individual subject selection excluding the concentration area.

Equivalence committee: The Equivalence Committee will deal either with the case of Exemption or Transfer. Upon the recommendation of the Committee, the respective Department will take any decision.

Career & Employment: Various workshops, training, corporational liaison-making are frequently made by the University. Adequate guidance and counseling are obtainable by the students within the campus.

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