Financial Aid And Scholarship At NSU (North South University)

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Financial Aid and scholarship at NSU

Financial aid and scholarship program are the basic criteria of a reputed university. Therefore, all the top universities have an attractive and excellent provision for Financial aid and sholarship. Those who want to get admitted in a private university especially the top ones, really look eagerly for the financial aids and scholarship opportunities.

Many students have the query about the financial aids of NSU.  Indeed NSU provides financial aid under different categories. These categories are -

  • Based on previous academic attainment and Admission Test result
    (Merit based Scholarship).
  • Based on high academic attainment at NSU (Merit based tuition waiver).
  • Based on financial Need & Merit (Merit-Need based waiver).
  • Based on financial NEED of a student (Waiver on Humanitarian grounds).
  • Based on two or more Siblings studying together at NSU (Waiver for Siblings).
  • In the form of student employment (Work-Study based).
  • Facility for the wards of freedom fighters (WOFF quota).

Students must have to apply for financial aids according to the financial aid calendar of NSU.

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  • khalid - posted 28 Mar, 2015

    ffq quota te facility ta ki?

  • khalid - posted 28 Mar, 2015

    ffq quota te facility ta ki?