B.Sc. Engg. In EEE (Program Details Of BUBT)

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Logo of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

Basic Info of:
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)

It is a Four-year full time program consisting of 12 (twelve) regular semesters having 4 (four) months in each semester. Students will be required to do courses of 154.5 credits consisting of 120 theory credits and 34.5 lab credits.

Course offered to the undergraduate students are divided into seven types: i) English ii) Mathematics iii) General education iv) Basic science v) Interdisciplinary engineering courses vi) Program core vii) Elective courses.

The elective courses are designed to give the students advanced knowledge leading to immediate industrial application and research in the chosen field. Elective courses are offered under four groups: I) Electronics Group II) Communication Group III) Computer Group IV) Power Group

The elective courses are offered in ten, eleven and twelve semester. A student must take seven elective courses out of which four from his chosen area and three from other areas.

Course load may vary depending upon the credits taken by the students in a semester. In the last three semester students do a project under the guidance of a faculty supervisor.

Credit hours have been based on the number of hours of theory lectures that need to be delivered in a week. Three-hour lecture per week throughout the semester means 3 credit hours. Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses that require laboratory work include 3 hours of practical work each week. Three-hour laboratory work per week throughout the semester means 1.5 credit hours.


Type of courses No. of courses No. of credits
1. English 02 06.00
2. General Education 13 (Theory 12, Lab1) 37.50
3. Basic Sciences 06 (Theory 3, Lab 3) 13.50
4. Interdisciplinary Engineering courses 04 (Theory 2, Lab 2) 09.00
5. Program Core 24 (Theory 14, Lab 10) 57.00
6. Elective Courses 10 (Theory 7, Lab 3) 25.50
7. Project Paper - 06.00
Total 154.50


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