11 Criteria To Be Eligible For Government Scholarship For 17 Lac 3 Thousand Financially Insolvent HSC Students

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11 criteria to be eligible for Government scholarship for 17 lac 3 thousand financially insolvent HSC Students

17 lac 3 thousand financially insolvent Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) students has been brought under government scholarship. This project is categorized in two sections - Science and other departments.

The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved the project in a meeting on Tuesday. The project has been named as “Ucchya Maddhamik Upobritti Prokolpo” (Higher Secondary Scholarship Scheme). The project will cost 513 crore BDT which will be provided from the Government fund. Project Duration will be from July 2014 to June 2017.

Under the Department of Science, monthly stipend for a student will be 175 BDT and monthly tuition fees will be  50 BDT. Besides a onetime lump sum of 1600 BDT will be given for buying the book and for test fees. For the eligible students of other departments monthly stipend will be 125 BDT and monthly Tuition fees will be 50 BDT and for buying the book and for test fees a onetime lump sum of 1200 BDT will be given.

According to the Planning Commission, 40 percent among the girls and 10 percent among the boys who are studying in higher secondary level will receive stipends.

There are nine criteria to pass to be eligible for the scholarship. These are (1) parents or guardians possesses less than 75 decimal of land, (2) annual income less than one lakh BDT, (3) orphans, the destitute orphans, vulnerable groups, (4) financially poor children of freedom fighters, (5) children of disabled or handicapped parent, (6) erosion-affected or displaced and distressed family, (7) children of  rickshaw-laborer or low-income working parents, (8) students with severe disabilities, (9) a minimum of 75 percent attendance in a education year.

ECNEC Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal told reporters after the meeting, other than this approved project five other additional projects are ongoing regarding stipends. Three of these are for secondary level and one each for higher secondary and graduate level. The financially insolvent students who are not yet covered by the scholarship will also be gradually brought under the project.

Six projects have been approved by ECNEC including this one yesterday. The total cost of these projects is  347 crore BDT, which will be provided from Government funds. Prime Minister and chairperson of ECNEC Sheikh Hasina presided the Planning Commission meeting held at the NEC conference room.

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