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American International University-Bangladesh

Scholarship at BS/MS

Scholarship program is open to both incoming and continuing students with at least one year of residency.

  1. Applications are accepted only during the regular semesters (Fall and Spring).
  2. For continuing/current students, he/she must be a *regular full time student.
  3. Upgrade continuously computer hardwares, facilities and instructional materials to cope with the challenges of the information technology age
  4. Initiate and conduct relevant research, software development and outreach services
  5. Establish linkage with industry and other IT-based organizations/institutions for sharing of resources and expertise, and better job opportunities for students

Regular Full Time Student


Minimum Number of credits (academic load)













4 Courses

4 Courses

3 Courses

  1. For incoming students to qualify, they must pass the competitive scholarship examination administered every regular semester.
  2. The grant can either be full or partial tuition fee waiver. The number of awardees is dependent on the slots available.
  3. Renewal of the grant will be subject to the provisions of the Scholarship Guidelines/Contract, provided to the grantee every semester.
  4. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) should be ≥ 3.75 and no grade lower than B+, No Dropping, Withdrawal (W), Unofficial withdrawal (UW), Failing Mark (F) and incomplete (I), in any of his/her enrolled/registered subjects/courses.
  5. No break in the period of study at AIUB (Semester Drop).
  6. Applicant must be free from any kind of Disciplinary Action.
  7. Applicant is not allowed to absent from any of his / her classes for more than twenty (20%) percent of the total number of class hours during the semester.
  8. Any kind of fraud would result in the immediate termination of the grant (Scholarship) and repayment will be needed if any scholarship is given to the grantee.
  9. The grant shall be non - transferable.

Scholarships in MSCS

Students having graduated from AIUB are entitled to receive 25% discount on tuition fees. Since it only takes three semesters to complete the course works as regular studies and tuition fee waiver on CGPA does not come into effect before the completion of first academic year, this is not likely to obtain such waiver at Masters Level. However, Teaching Assistantship could be offered for those having high CGPA and/or high admission test score.

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