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Today’s inclusive and interconnected world demands a holistic approach in education. Narrow specialization in any discipline needs to be combined with broad-based education system so that our students can develop rational thought and intellectual capabilities, and consequently, meet the challenges of the new world.

It is in this context that Liberal Arts education—a contemporary higher education system having a curriculum unlike the professional, vocational, technical curricula emphasizing specialization—has become popular across the world. The curriculum comprises literature, languages, philosophy, history, mathematics, and science. Recent researches have shown that graduates of Liberal Arts display more critical and balanced judgment, farsighted vision, higher flexibility and high aesthetic and moral senses. Hence, Liberal Arts graduates are believed to be capable of making more positive contribution to the social and economic development.

Realizing the fact, the professional sectors nowadays seem to be putting premium on Liberal Arts graduates. Graduates of these disciplines are finding multiple avenues open for them for their self-actualization on the one side and attractive incentives on the other. They are now exposed, to be more specific, to such professional fields as academics, media, social welfare, advertising, banking, international trade, finance, diplomacy, NGOs, and so on. In keeping with expanding work opportunities for Liberal Arts graduates, renewed emphasis has now been placed on its study in many premier universities of the world which are witnessing a consistently upward trend in the rate of enrollment in the discipline.

As for Social Sciences, since subjects of social sciences deal with pivotal areas of life, graduates of these subjects are always in great demand. For example, Economics today, as ever, is an indispensable part of political, social and individual life and as such is of immense importance. Mass Communication & Media Arts is another subject that has gained new significance in the current world order and has seen huge growth in the field with expanding career options. Similarly, Advertising has solidly established its credentials as one of the most creative as well as income-generating course. English, by and large, has always been the subject of essential demand which has been attaining gradual diversification day by day.

Echoing with the global demands, AIUB has established the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) to ensure high professionally creative education for aspiring students. For quality education, the university has pooled highly experienced and accomplished professionals from home and abroad. Further, it makes it point to organize regular field visits, seminars, study circles, workshop etc. so that students’ learning is underpinned by first hand experiences for their sound and solid knowledge and expertise.

FASS runs four Bachelors program and one Masters under respective departments. The programs are:

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