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American International University-Bangladesh

The Department of English, AIUB promises to enhance the proficiency of both the areas of English language and literature among the students. It aims to be the best education provider keeping pace with the modern world with an effective learning process.


The vision of Department of English is to promote professionals and excellent leaders who will make the country globally compatible illuminating the arena of English and will also contribute to the development of the nation in different aspects.


English department is committed to provide an up-to-date education program with quality and excellence that helps the students to face the global challenges. The department seeks to cultivate a strong sense of ethical values among the students who will become competent world class professionals in their respective fields.


  • Sustain development and progress of the students.
  • Continue to upgrade educational services and facilities responsive of the demands for change and needs of the society.
  • Enhance research consciousness in discovering new dimensions for curriculum development and enrichment.
  • Implement meaningful and relevant community outreach programs reflective of the available resources.
  • Establish exchange of resources and expertise with local and international educational institutions and organizations.
  • Develop curriculum to expand and improve global academic standards
  • Accelerate the participation of alumni, students and professionals in the implementation of educational programs.

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