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The detailed format of the EMBA is provided in the table below and the attachment thereto. Some of the courses shown with asterisk are also listed in the MBA programme. Although the content of the common courses are the same, the pedagogy may vary. Yet the courses are shown jointly in the two programmes for ease of understanding.

Foundation 12 Credits
MSC 703 Quantitative methods for Business 3 Credits
ACT 701 Accounting for Managers 3 Credits
BUS 702 Business Communication 3 Credits
BUS 704 Business Economics 3 Credits

Core 18 Credits
MGT 701 Management of Organisation 3 Credits
MGT 702 Managing Human Resources 3 Credits
MKT 701 Marketing Principles and Practices 3 Credits
FIN 701 Managerial Finance 3 Credits
MSC 705 Managing Operations 3 Credits
BUS 710 Managing in the Cross-cultural Environment 3 Credits

Capstone 3 Credits
MGT 711 Corporate strategy 3 Credits

Concentration 9 Credits
Management & HR 3 X 3 Credits
Finance & Banking 3 X 3 Credits
Marketing 3 X 3 Credits
Operations Management and Management Science 3 X 3 Credits

Free-elective 3 Credits
List enclosed 3 Credits

Total 45 Credits

List of Concentration Courses

Area of Concentration: Management and HR
MGT 721 HR Planning and Development
MGT 724 Management of Conflicts
MGT 725 Industrial Relations
MGT 729 Compensation Management
MGT 748 Management of Change
MGT 798 Contemporary Issues in Management and HR.

Area of Concentration: Finance and Banking
FIN 722 Capital Budgeting and Long-term Financing
FIN 723 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 724 Investment analysis and Capital Markets
FIN 728 International Financial Management
FIN 731 Working Capital Management and Short-term Financing
FIN 742 Central Bank and Commercial Bank Management
FIN 798 Contemporary Issues in Finance and Banking

Area of Concentration: Marketing
MKT 721 Brand Management
MKT 722 Service Sector Marketing
MKT 723 Marketing Research
MKT 725 Consumer Behaviour
MKT 729 Sales-force Management
MKT 732 Strategic Marketing
MKT 798 Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Area of Concentration: Operations Management and Management Science
MSC 728 Operations Research/Management Science
MSC 710 Management Information System
MSC 725 Quality Management and Control
MSC 729 Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MSC 743 E-Business
MSC 723 Project Management
MSC 730 Management of Technology
MSC 798 Contemporary Issues in Operations Management

List of Free-Electives
BUS 701 Legal Environment of Business
MSC 710 Management of Information
BUS 711 Corporate Governance
BUS 712 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
ACT 702 Accounting for Managerial Decisions
FIN 710 Micro Finance
MGT 723 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
BUS 713 Business Research Methodology


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