Brac University Alumni Association Elections 2015 Campaigning Guidelines

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1. A3 sized Posters can only be used in the university campus. Posters must be endorsed by Election Commission. Endorsed campaign material will be published as a separate list. Posters must contain name, picture, graduating department, convocation year, electoral manifesto, enrollment year and semester information of the nominee. Posters cannot contain any derogatory remarks or offensive implications towards any person, nominee, candidate, competitor, administration, process related to BRAC University. Submission timelines are mentioned under IMPORTANT DATE & DEADLINES on page 1.

2. Campaigning on Facebook - candidates can open a page/group for campaigning. Official announcement of all selected candidates will be made through BRACU FB page. Candidates may post their page links on the official announcement on this BRACU page. No polls are allowed for any candidate to test acceptance/popularity.

3. No group based demonstration or live campaigning in or around the campus or any other location where the election information may be uncontrollably spread, will be allowed. National daily, newspaper, or related media, TV, radio, etc. cannot be used whatsoever.

4. Bulk SMS/email messaging is allowed. Brochures are allowed.

5. BRACU website will have a section, where all selected nominees will have an allocated space containing their name, photo, convocation year, enrollment semester and year and a 75 word message on why they should be voted (applicable for all nominees for every position). This must be submitted to EC during nomination submission. This info will be automatically uploaded to the BRACU website based on who are the selected nominees

6. OCSAR or BRACU administration will not provide any database for election campaign.

7. Breach of any campaign guidelines will tend to cancel nomination by Election Commission.

9. No campaigning of any sort will be allowed before the nominee declaration date. Any reports of doing so shall result in cancellation of any selected nominee.

10. Election Commission reserves the right to cancel any nomination based on any dubious information/claim/accusation, etc. Nominee will be given a chance to explain the situation once EC contacts the accused. Election Commission's decision in any regards is final. It is also the discretion of the Election Commission as to how many nominees will run for each position.

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