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The Master of Development Studies (MDS) is a postgraduate program of 45 compulsory and 3 optional (thesis) credits. It consists of 3 Foundation courses (9 credits), 6 core courses (18 credits), 3 elective courses (9 credits), comprehensive courses on Research Concepts, Methods and Application (9 credits) and a thesis (optional). All MDS courses are three credit hour courses. In addition, a student may be required to take one or more preparatory courses if his/her undergraduate preparation is not deemed adequate for the program.

Following is the structure of the program:

   Course Type

No. of courses


Foundation/Prerequisite courses



Core courses



Research Concepts, Methods and Application



Electives courses



Thesis (optional)






List of Courses

Foundation Courses 

The foundation courses are designed to build the basic multi-disciplinary knowledge base for the core courses. The current foundation courses are:

DEV 300: Economics and Development
DEV 301: Fundamentals of Social Science I- Sociology and Anthropology of Development
DEV 302: Fundamentals of Social Science II- Politics, Political Economy and Government in Bangladesh

Core Courses

These courses are designed to provide a thorough understanding of some of the core issues of development studies. Each course carries 3 credits and all the courses are compulsory: 

DEV 501: Development Perspectives
DEV 502: Poverty-Concept, Measurement and Policy 
DEV 503: Global Dimensions of Development 
DEV 504: Rural Development 
DEV 505: Gender and Development 
DEV 506: Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programs

Research Concepts, Methods and Application

Each student will be required to take 3 courses on research concepts, methods and application each containing 3 credits. These courses will concentrate on concepts, methods and techniques of social science research. Students will get the first hand opportunity to apply the research tools and techniques. Each student will produce a research proposal and an extended essay on a chosen topic under the supervision of a Research Guide. The student will present and defend the proposal before a committee. A student maintaining a CGPA of 3.5 may choose to write a thesis (optional) if the proposal is satisfactory. The courses are as follows:

DEV690: Research Methods and Concepts 
DEV 691: Statistics and Computer skill development 
DEV 692: Research Design and Proposal Writing 
DEV 693: Thesis (optional)

Elective Courses 

Each course carries 3 credits. At least 3 elective courses totaling 9 credits must be studied. A student may choose to concentrate in a specific area of study by opting for appropriate elective courses in consultation with his/her academic advisor. The elective courses are:

DEV 601: Comparative Development Experience 
DEV 602: Development Informatics 
DEV 603: Education and Development 
DEV 604: Environment and Development 
DEV 605: Governance and Development 
DEV 606: Health and Development 
DEV 607: Indigenous Knowledge in Development 
DEV 608: Microfinance and Development 
DEV 609: Nationalism, Identity Politics and Development 
DEV 610: NGOs and Social Entrepreneurship 
DEV 611: Population and Development 
DEV 612: Project Appraisal and Management 
DEV 613: The Rights based Approach to Development 
DEV 614: Technology and Development 
DEV 615: Urban Development 
DEV 616: Financial Management 
DEV 617: Law and Development
DEV 618: Social Communication

Duration of the Program

The duration of the program will vary depending upon the number of credits a student registers for. If a student registers for 12 credits every semester, the duration for him/her will be 4 semesters or sixteen months.

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