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Welcome to the Department of Real Estate at Daffodil International University. The Department of Real Estate started its journey from the Summer Semester-2008. The Department offers a broad-based, rigorous curriculum, taught by a team of highly qualified faculty members. This program includes upgraded syllabuses. It consists real estate related courses like – Architecture, Urban Planning, Environmental Condition, etc. The department makes collaboration with some real estate companies in teaching and research. We arrange some practical oriented learning for the student so that they can get practical knowledge besides theory.

Being one of the most densely populated countries of the world with a huge population, the country is facing the lack of land for human settlements and related uses. The Real Estate and Construction Industry are playing an important role for solving housing problems in Bangladesh. The real estate sector provides physical expansion and economic development. This sector is well linked with human settlements, employment and environment. This sector needs a huge number of skilled manpower for proper planning and decision making. We are also in need of research on low-cost housing since most of the population belongs to middle class and below middle class in our country. Against this backdrop, the Department of Real Estate of Daffodil International University aims to produce skilled manpower with quality education to face the challenges of 21st Century and onwards and to solve contemporary housing problems in Bangladesh.

The World we live today is passing through dynamic changes in business, scientific and technological advancement. In this rapidly changing world you can either be the manager of change or an onlooker watching change passed from your experience. I encourage you to apply for our 4 Years Bachelor of Real Estate (BRE) program and invite you to become managers of change and propellers of socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

If you would like to receive further information or to discuss our program please do not hesitate to ask or to get in touch. I wish a happy, healthy and successful life to all of our interested persons.


The primary objective of the Department of Real Estate is the protection of the public interest in regard to the offering of subdivided lands, and proper handling of real estate transactions by licensees. To accomplish this, a standard of knowledge, measured by written examination, is established for licensing real estate agents and a minimum criterion of affirmative disclosure is set for qualifying subdivided lands offerings.

At the same time the Department protects the public interest and increases consumer awareness and collaterally assists the real estate industry in expanding its standards and the level of professional ethics and responsibilities.

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