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The students of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Development (BED) Program of Daffodil International University will have the opportunity to gather knowledge and skills which will help them turning their ideas into becoming a successful entrepreneur. BED program is designed to guide students as a navigator so that they can walk through the process of launching a venture in order to become an entrepreneur. Thus, this program is suitable for those who dream to launch a venture and become a successful entrepreneur. A group of country-known entrepreneurs and leading academicians will offer this course through blending of both theory and practical exposure. Moreover, global exposure has been designed with the help of foreign universities.

Program Objective

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Development Program of DIU aims at creating graduates equipped with entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for their businesses. After successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to transform themselves not only as self-employed but also as creator of employment through becoming an entrepreneur.

Program Benefits

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Development program of DIU is the process of developing conceptual and practical skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs through various extensive training and classroom programs. The whole process of entrepreneurship development is to increase good number of entrepreneurs. By doing this, the speed at which new businesses or ventures are made gets better. On a wider level, this makes room for employment and improves the economy of a business or country. Students will get the following benefits under the program:

  • To identify and evaluate a new venture opportunities
  • To transform creative business ideas into innovative products and services
  • To Interpret market, customer, and demand-supply relationship
  • To develop marketing plan, improve social networking skills and gain the ability to pitch an idea
  • To navigate the venture capital investment process
  • To start his/her own venture successfully
  • To enhance and expand their social networks
  • To exchange knowledge and views
  • To develop his/her products
  • To manage Human Resources
  • To eliminate gender discrimination
  • To use DIU incubator for his/her new endeavor

Foreign Educational Tour

To develop our student as an entrepreneur we must ensure their skills about the Global competitiveness. Considering the Global challenges and opportunities we involve a mandatory Educational Tour in a foreign country partnered with our networking university. We are confident, after having this course; student will get all possible scopes and good networking to fit them in the Global market. Our opportunities are to flourish our student with Globalization.

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