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B.Sc. in Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT) blends the creative arts, multimedia technology encompassing media and computation. The media industries are experiencing a period of profound change due to radical conglomeration of new technologies everyday. Central to this change is the way in which these previously largely unconnected areas of study are becoming dependent on each other in relation to the creation of content for new digital media platforms.

Daffodil International University conducts time-befitting and pragmatic curricula, which aim at not only extracting the potentialities and flair from our potential youth but also making the students competent in the job market both at home and abroad and they can meet the changing demands of the society.

This degree is aimed at people who wish to develop professional expertise in the digital arts or digital media, drawing on a variety of creative and technological disciplines. Students having interest as the core strands (Audio/Music, Still/Moving Image, Computing) is expected to transform him as professional during the course of the study. At the end of the four years, student will have the knowledge, skills and innovative drive to compete in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, the creative industries


  • To produce highly qualified and well trained Multimedia and Creative graduates for ever demanding industries at home and abroad
  • To enable students with the world-class skills to design, undertake and interpret diverse world of graphics, animation and media
  • To develop the relevant knowledge, skill and qualities to practice as creative professional in all branches multimedia technology and creative arts.

Eligibility for Admission

Students having minimum 2.5 GPA or second division both in SSC and HSC from any background may apply for admission into MTC as per the guideline of University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh. Students completing five O-level subjects and at least two A-level subjects and obtaining at least GPA 2.0 may apply for admission.

Credit Requirement and Duration of the Program

To obtain B.Sc. in Multimedia & Creative Technology, students will have to complete 147 credits with at least CGPA 2.50. If any student fails in any course, she/he will get opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the same in the subsequent semesters. The program having 12 semesters normally extends over four academic years.

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