Bachelors Program In Computer Science And Engineering Of DIU

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Basic Info of:
Daffodil International University


To obtain B. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), students will have to complete 145 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.00. If any student fails in any course, he/she will get opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the same in the subsequent semesters. The program having 12 semesters normally extends over four academic years.
Students willing to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer science and engineering (CSE) will have to follow the general guidelines of degree requirement of the University.

Mission Statement

In order to prepare undergrad and graduate students for productive careers in industry and academia, as well as government by providing an excellent environment for teaching, learning, and research in computing and information technology. In particular, we aim:

  • To produce highly qualified and well-rounded graduate possessing fundamental knowledge of computing and information technology who can provide leadership and service to Bangladesh and the world.
  • To pursue creative research and new innovations in Computer Science and Engineering and across disciplines in order to serve the needs of industry, government, society, and the scientific community by expanding and contributing to the body of knowledge in the field.
  • To develop strong partnerships with industrial and government and non-govt. agencies, professional societies, and local communities.

Vision Statement

To be a recognized as a leader in Computer Science and Engineering education and research with a strong impact in our targeted areas of research and to attract excellent faculty and students worldwide

Educational Objectives

The academic objectives of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is to provide outstanding education and research programs that:

  • Promote a philosophy of learning with the development of a diverse computer science/engineering student body to be prepared for their specific profession, for advanced studies and careers in research with multidisciplinary knowledge
  • Provide a stimulating academic research environment for individuals who, in both industry and academia, will be leaders in the demonstration of professional skills and of the development of new technology for the benefit of society

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