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To uphold this spirit, Daffodil International University started with the department of Natural Sciences (NS) on 1st May, 2012 under the Faculty of Science and Information Technology. It is an interdisciplinary prestigious department with majors in a number of science and social science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Bangladesh Studies. This department is not offering any degree at this moment; the core objective of this department is to provide fundamental knowledge of pure sciences as well as social sciences toward the students of various departments at the university which boost up their knowledge and skills to be globalised.

Last but not the least; the department has a large number of sincere, proactive, self-motivated, energetic and high-quality academicians from different parts of national and international institutions who are cordially devoted for the development of society as well as nation. In addition, NS has some part-time brilliant and renowned professionals from different prime public universities of the country. We have also eminent visiting professors from home and abroad, whose appointment vindicates our commitment to quality education. Many of our young researchers are doing well in their research activities in different renowned universities all over the globe. All academicians are engaged in distinguish research works, seminars, workshops, symposium and many other dynamic activities to highlight the demand of contemporary era.

The reality comes on true to the society that the technology is only the tools which can change the society in short time, and science researcher are the motivational tools for the technologist. In this prospective the Department of Natural Sciences is going to starts its journey in Daffodil International University. We are an interdisciplinary department with majors in a number of science and education subjects. At this moment we are not offering any degrees from this department but we are providing the basic knowledge of basic sciences to the science and technology students in various departments.

For the Science students, the Science and Technology Studies program equips the students with a broad interdisciplinary education while allowing them to specialized in one subject but should be able to know about the basic Sciences and Sociology as an integrated subject tobuild up the strengths and interests in a core science.

A well number of sincere, self motivated, energetic and good academicians are engaged in this department from various disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Social Science. All the academicians are also engaged in research work, so self or jointly research may take place from this department.

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