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The profession of law has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years so that legal professionals are being increasingly expected to play a vital role in the areas of economic regulation, corporate governance, economic and political policy-making etc. Therefore, in need of providing excellence in modern legal education, the Department of Law in Daffodil International University started its journey in Fall 2008. We run a range of Law programs and flexible modes of study to help students achieve their goal of becoming a successful legal professional. 

We believe that in a short period of time we have become one of the leading providers of modern legal education for students aiming to practice law or soliciting himself in the profession of a Judge, Magistrate, Teacher or even employment with national and multi-national companies.

Our innovative LL.B (Hons) program for young students to achieve a Competitive Law Degree so that they can very well adhere and achieve a competitive degree in this modern world. We also offer a general LL.M (Master of Laws) program which is designed for students having LL.B (Hons) degrees.

One of our essential hallmarks of the Department of Law is the highly dedicated full-time as well as adjunct/part-time faculty members, who are committed to provide quality teaching as well as engage in regular research projects, seminar and article writing. The newly constructed moot-court allows students to establish themselves grow as competitive lawyers and enhance their skill of advocacy. We teach law not just as lawyers see it but from the eyeglasses of many other multidisciplinary approaches for best endurance. Currently we have students from both home and abroad. We run all our programs both at the Dhanmondi City Campus and at Uttara outer city campus.

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