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Public health of Daffodil International University professionals have a deep understanding of how we can promote good health and wellbeing, protect ourselves against injury and disease and prevent ill-health and better understanding of public health hazards and environmental health issues in the wider community. The demand for such people is rising as issues such as obesity, the spread of infectious diseases, workplace safety, and pollution demand more attention and resources.

Following the philosophy that prevention is better than cure, the program focuses on the systems and practices that shape the health of nations, communities and individuals and the environments in which they live, work and take their leisure. Issues that help determine our total quality of life are investigated, such as globalization, technology and environmental degradation. This program also includes population trends, lifestyle and nutrition, the control of existing and emerging communicable diseases, industry pollution management and food and drug safety.

This degree provides you with the knowledge, skills and professional expertise to work in a wide range of public health professions. The program also integrates knowledge and practice from a range of fields including nutrition and dietetics, occupational health and safety, occupational rehabilitation and industrial relations.

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