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Daffodil International University


Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering of Daffodil International University. This Department started on 10 June, 2003. We feel proud that among all private universities in Bangladesh we are the pioneer in establishing both the graduate and post graduate program.

Outcome based education has become very important in the challenging world. So the syllabus of ETE Department has been designed so that it can cover a broad range of disciplines related to analog and digital electronics, analog and digital communication, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antenna and wave propagation, wireless and mobile communication, control systems, bio-medical engineering etc. We have established well designed laboratories to support these programs. The laboratories are being developed day by day.

The Department is extremely fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of individuals who have common goals and commitments to improve teaching and research activities, to cut through the frontiers of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering field to benefit the nation, the society and the mankind at large.

Our distinguished faculty members play a major role in achieving the goal of the Department. They are dedicated educators who provide guidance and act as a role model for our students; active researchers with their work published in leading National and International journals and conference proceedings and committed professionals who participate in many activities within and outside the community. We are also proud of our students who are achieving recognition in national and international competitions. The Department organizes National Conference, Symposia and Seminar and also runs short courses on advanced topics and practical importance on regular basis. Our faculty also publishes a journal half yearly where ETE Department plays the prime role.


The mission of the ETE Department is to provide quality education for those students who are able to compete nationally and internationally, able to produce creative and effective solutions to the national needs, conscious to the universal moral values, adherent to the professional ethical codes and to generate and disseminate knowledge and technological essentials to the local and global needs in the fields of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.


The vision of the ETE Department is to become a nationally and internationally leading institution of higher learning, building upon the culture and the values of universal science and a center of education and research that generates knowledge and technologies which form the groundwork in shaping the future of the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering fields.


  • Having strong background in basic science and mathematics to use it in their own engineering fields,
  • Able to pinpoint and define engineering problems in the fields of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and to employ necessary tools and techniques for its solution,
  • Able to admit themselves in graduates programs at home and abroad,
  • Able to contribute to the developments in their own filed recognizing the significance of lifelong learning.
  • Able to communicate effectively,
  • Having strong ethical values and adhering to the quality and honesty.

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