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Course Summries 

The CWU MBA Program requires successful completion of 20 courses (60 credit hours). The courses are divided into 4 components:

  1. Foundation courses (30 credits)
  2. Functional Area courses (15 credits)
  3. Specialization courses (12 credits)
  4. Capstone (3 credits)


A. Foundation Courses:

Required Courses

MBA301 Business Communication                : 3 Credits

MBA302 Business Math                                : 3 Credits

MBA303 Business Law                                 : 3 credits

MBA304 Business Statistics                          : 3 credits

MBA305 Computer Application                      : 3 credits

MBA306 Organizational Behavior                  : 3 credits

MBA307 Managerial Economics                     : 3 credits

MBA308 Principles of Accounting                   : 3 credits

MBA309 Management Accounting                  : 3 credits

MBA310 Principles of Management                : 3 credits

B. Functional Areas Courses

The courses will cover all aspects of functional area of business management and provide students with managerial perspective and vision. A total of 5 courses each having 3 credit hours will have to be completed. The following subject areas will be covered.

OPM500    Operations Management

HRM500    Human Resource Management

MKT500    Marketing Management

FIN500      Managerial Finance

MIS500     Management Information Systems


C. Specialization Courses:

Specialization courses in bank management, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing and operations management will enable students to develop specialization in specific fields. Students are required to complete four courses from one of the Specialization as a major area. Each course carries 3 credits.

Finance & Banking

FIN501      Portfolio Management

FIN502      Financial Market & Institutions

FIN503      Corporate Finance

FIN504      Investment Management

FIN505      Risk Management & Insurance


Bank Management

BMG506   Central Banking

BMG502   Banking Theory & Practice

BMG503   International Finance & Banking

BMG504   International Trade Payment & Finance

BMG505   Management of Commercial Banks



MKT501    Services Marketing

MKT502    Brand Marketing

MKT503    Integrated Marketing Communication

MKT504    Consumer Behavior

MKT505    E-Marketing


Accounting Information Systems

ACT501     Financial Accounting

ACT502     Auditing

ACT503     Corporate Tax Management

ACT504     Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting

ACT505     Strategic Management Accounting


Human Resources Management

HRM501   Industrial Relations

HRM502   Organizational Behavior &Leadership

HRM503   Employee appraisal & Compensation Management

HRM504   Training & Development

HRM505   Organizational & Conflict Management


Women Entrepreneurship  

WEN501   Women & Gender Management

WEN502   Entrepreneurship

WEN503   Project Management

WEN504   Total Quality Management

WEN505   Gender & Development

D. Capstone Course

After successful completion of all functional area (Core) courses students integrate the acquired concepts by a process of synthesis accomplished through Business Strategy. This final course carries 3 credits.

MBA600    Strategic Management


 E. Internship/Project/Thesis

Students may opt for an Internship/project work of 3 credit to equip them with the real life work experience/project work.

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