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Basic Info of:
Darul Ihsan University

Rules for Awards/Scholarships/Gold medal

The performance of a student in a course on retake shall not be recognized as meritorious accomplishment for the purpose of awards, scholarships and gold medals etc.

List of Awards

  • Syed Ali Ashraf (SAA) Awards
  • Kuwait Joint Relief Committee(KJRC) Award
  • Islamic Training Centre (ITC) Award
  • Vice-Chancellors’ Gold Medals
  • VC Special Awards
  • Darul Ihsan Trust Special Award


Students who will secure CGPA between 3.50 and 4.00 will be awarded a stipend at the end of each semester as per following rates:


Amount in Taka per semester

3.50 to 3.59


3.60 to 3.69


3.70 to 3.79


3.80 to 3.89


3.90 to 3.99




To consider for a concession of tuition fees student has to apply in the beginning of the semester as per rules.

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