Rules Of Conduct For Darul Ihsan University Students

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Rules of Conduct for Darul Ihsan University Students

The student must:

  • Subscribe to the ideology of the University and abide by its rules
  • Pay fees on time
  • Perform all tasks punctually
  • Not cheat in examinations
  • Maintain discipline and not distrubthe congenial atmosphee on campus
  • Behave politely with others
  • Not get involved in immoral or anti-social activies
  • Refrain from rowdiness, violence and vandalism
  • Dress decently and without ostentation
  • Shun any manner of obscenities and vulgarity
  • Maintain Islamic norms in male female relationships
  • Respect the relogious beliefs of others
  • Refrain from smoking and the use of all kinds intoxicants
  • Maintain cleanliness
  • Use the University's property with care and responsibly
  • Not take part in political activities and grouping on campus
  • Refrain from protests,demonstrations and strikes against the University authorities
  • Not go to the Administration office individually or in a group without prior permision of the respective Head/Dean

Academic Regulations:

  • Students have to show their admit cards in the examinations hall to the teachers.Without the admit cards students will not be allowed to sit for the examinations.They have to collect admit cards from addministrtion office before the date of examinations.
  • 1(one) mark should be deducted from the total marks if any student who already received the admit card but failed to show it to the Invigilators.
  • Unfair means in the examination hall(copying, changing the seat, looking to others scripts etc.)and misbehavior with invigilators and hall staff shall be liable to punishments according to University rules anr regulations, which may range from cancellation of a course to expulsion from the University.
  • The students who are given permission sometimes against their applications regarding dues of tuition fees will have to pay their outstanding within the specified dates.Students will not be allowed to sit the examination if they fail to clean up the dues.
  • Students who will take additonal sheet, must write down the number of additional sheet in the original answer script.

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