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Dhaka International University

The Dhaka International University has a long tradition of excellence in scientific education since its initial foundation in 1995 as a faculty of Science and Engineering. The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) at Dhaka International University is world class and currently stands as one of the best research science faculty in Bangladesh. The Faculty provides a high quality education to over 1500 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students in a variety of basic and applied programs. Today our faculty is comprised of three departments: Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)Electrical Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (EETE) and B.Sc in Civil Engineering. The department of CSE also offers a two-year master's program. The faculty is supported by some of the world's most advanced laboratory equipment are our internationally recognised teaching staff. Our courses are regularly updated to reflect developments in research and the most recent employment trends. The programs of study in the Faculty are designed to open fascinating career opportunities for our students. Our graduates go on to pursue rewarding careers both here and overseas, with the knowledge that they are making a difference to the lives of others.

The goal of our faculty is to nurture professionals with an education in basic science who will persistently search for the truth, and who will be able to contribute to societal progress in the future. Based on these principles, we are looking for the following types of students:

  • Students with the basic knowledge, and the abilities to understand and think logically, and to communicate their ideas, which are essential for the study of natural science
  • Students with strong curiosities about diverse natural phenomena and a wide-range studies in the natural science
  • Students with inquisitive and aggressive mind to solve new problems
  • Students who want to contribute to their local communities and the international society, through various fields of natural science

To realize our goal, we make every effort to provide high-quality classes and research environments. We encourage you to join us and enjoy our excellent educational and research environments.

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