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Dhaka International University

The Dhaka International University Faculty of Law, founded in 1995, is well established as one of the leading research and teaching Law Schools in Bangladesh. With a long history of academic scholarship, the DIU Faculty of Law enjoys a well-deserved reputation for excellence in teaching, high quality writing and research as well as for producing outstanding graduates.

The University has added exciting new faculty members while retaining the core of experienced and outstanding law teachers and scholars, and has been expanding the breadth and depth of the course offerings in response to the increasing sophistication and internationalization of the legal profession. These academics are supported by highly motivated administrative and support staff. Together they serve the student community and the public at large. Leading international academics visit this Faculty regularly for research or teaching purposes and, in turn, the Faculty’s academics visit foreign universities. In particular, the Faculty maintains a strong focus on Asia and has created an established network with several universities on the continent.

Writing and publishing are foremost on the Faculty’s agenda. Much time is therefore invested in improving the writing skills of students while at the same time academic staff are supported and encouraged to publish. Each member of the Faculty of Law has the responsibility to further the interests of the Faculty by contributing to the development of the legal minds and researchers of tomorrow and by promoting a sense of social responsibility in its students. The values of the current generation will determine the future of our beloved country and legal training is of paramount importance to guarantee a prosperous society which wholeheartedly embraces the notion of the rule of law.

At the undergraduate level the Faculty offers a four-year LLB degree. The University aims to deliver LLB graduates that are well-equipped with the required skills to enter any of the established career paths in law. At the postgraduate level, the Faculty has an extensive LLM (Coursework) programme, as well as an LLM (Research) programme.

DIU Faculty of Law is a friendly place where students are made welcome, supported, encouraged to take part and to succeed by the staff and the law student organizations. Academic staffs have office hours where students are welcome to stop by and ask questions. Past students often return to the Law School to visit and update staff with their progress in careers and life.

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