Faculty Of Arts And Social Science At Dhaka International University

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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has been playing a key role at the Dhaka International University (DIU) from its establishment in 1995. With more than fourteen members of academic staff, it has a strong research base, with interests in wide area of theoretical and applied issues. This is a forward-thinking faculty offering opportunities for educational, recreational, and cultural development. Research and research-based education are core values of the Faculty. High quality research and education has always been the Faculty's primary objective, and the Faculty's researchers are strongly encouraged to contribute actively to the public debate. The Faculty strives to keep its doors open to other fields of study and research as well, and the Faculty takes part in several cross-faculty projects. The Faculty offers an environment in which students are challenged to extend and enhance themselves intellectually, professionally and creatively, and we strive to prepare our students for the demands of the future - both nationally and internationally speaking.

The Faculty is interdisciplinary in nature. Students of all undergraduate programs at DIU are required to complete 12 credits of their total requirement through the above courses. The Faculty plans to offer minor in one or more disciplines in the social sciences and is set to become a full-fledged degree awarding Faculty in the near future. The academic mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences is to promote eastern and western values in its courses. The courses are structured to provide a solid foundation of social science principles while allowing choice in order to appeal to a wide spectrum of interests.

The Faculty has a reputation for high quality teaching and personal attention to students. Members in the Faculty are committed to the interdisciplinary ethos and culture. The specific objectives of the Faculty of Social Sciences are to:

  • Develop in each student an understanding of the principles that influence human societies
  • Help students develop analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Guide students in doing social research
  • Promote interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary forms of instruction

Empower students to function in a diverse, global society The Faculty of Social Sciences provides an environment that fosters creativity, individuality and scholarship. It endeavors to promote an appreciation for and understanding of the events, ideas, and forces that shape the world.

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