Department Of Computer Science And Engineering In Dhaka International University

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Dhaka International University

The prime objective of Dhaka International University is to offer high quality education at undergraduate and post graduate levels in coherence with the needs of the society of the 21st century. The aim of the University is not only just to go through the examination, but to train them to become productive members of the society.

The Department has a good number of full-time faculty members with best available exposures to ever-growing horizon of Computer Science and Engineering. Besides, a number of part-time faculties from other well-reputed universities also teach in each semester, and students have the opportunity to visit Research Organizations and Industrial Establishments for attaining experienced-rich education. The courses are designed to enable the learners to enter into the fundamental skills needed to become a computer scientist. These courses are also designed for those who wish to pursue carriers in software engineering, hardware engineering, networking and related areas based on strong technical knowledge at home or abroad.  

The Department organizes various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Most common co-curricular activity is the programming contest. The Literary and Debating Club comprising of teachers and students organizes various competitions that upholds its objectives. Departmental Seminars are also organized regularly. Students and faculties attend national and international seminars, conferences at home and abroad.

The Department of Dhaka International University has highly developed laboratories such as Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Networking, Digital Systems, VLSI and Electrical & Electronics Circuits. We give most priority to the students education and providing all kind of facility required for their better future. We always try to facilitate the latest technology as soon as they are available.

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