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MDMP is an innovative, cross-disciplinary, graduate degree program that combines classroom teaching on the latest advances in development theory and practice with hands-on field experience in the diverse and rich development laboratory that is available in Bangladesh. Students are taught in class by leading experts in different development sectors with guest faculty from other countries. Students spend time in the field understanding the complex dynamics of poverty, the resilience of the poor in facing adversity, analyzing the varied challenges that confront a developing country, and exploring the great advances made in large scale development interventions in microfinance, health, education, and food security, social and legal empowerment and addressing ultra poverty. The curriculum challenges students to seek integrated approaches to development, drawing on the health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and management.

MDMP is designed to create practitioners who can effectively diagnose and address the priorities and challenges of sustainable development and identify and test out innovative solutions that can be scaled up. BRAC University MDMP program belongs to a Global Network of Masters in Development Practice (MDP) program supported by the MacArthur Foundation. MDMP is targeted to academics, researchers and management staff in the development sector, both in government and in NGOs.

Objectives of the Program

=> Create capacity for world-class academic and technical training in development that combines core academic competency in natural sciences, health, agriculture and the social sciences with practical field experience in Bangladesh

=> Train a cadre of mid-level and senior managers who can provide effective leadership in the range of institutions that are dedicated to poverty alleviation and social transformation

=> Expose future researchers and academics to the complexities of development practice and the lived realities of the poor and the powerless

=> Collaborate in south-south and north-south partnerships to create a community of learning; to share our experiences with other countries and to learn from them

Target Students

1. Management staff in NGOs, development organizations, public sector agencies and the private sector who intend to professionally prepare to take on increasing strategic and management responsibilities.

2. Academics and researchers seeking hands-on training in sustainable livelihood practice.

3. Graduates and post-graduate diploma holders seeking professional careers in development agencies or in development research and teaching.

4. Students from abroad intending to receive a degree in development that combines rigorous academic training with hand-on field experience.

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