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Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (EETE) education today has entered a transitional phase. EETE curricula around the globe is experiencing increasing specialization. On the other hand, diversity of EETE education is also increasingly underscoring its multi-disciplinary nature. Over the last decade, the traditional role played by an electrical and electronic engineer has changed quite significantly. Today’s employers require electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineers with excellent communication skills along with awareness about environmental and safely issues. There are huge demands for electrical, electronic and telecommunication workers but the supply of technically competent professionals in Bangladesh is not meeting the demand. The new B.Sc. in electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineering degree program at Dhaka International University (DIU) is aimed to produce graduates to meet that demand. Increasing the ethical and moral standards of the engineers is also getting higher priority in the industry and communication technology sector.

The prime objective of Dhaka International University is to offer high quality education at undergraduate and graduate levels in coherence with the needs of the Society of the 21st century. The course and curricula are designed to enable young people to pursue higher studies of professional destination. The aim of the university is not only just to go through the examination, but also to train them to become productive members of the society.

The whole world is heavily dependent on electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineering. Our society cannot keep aloof from the modern technology and we are becoming rapidly dependent on electrical, electronic and telecommunication. We have to equip our young children so as to face the challenge of the 21st century. Dhaka International University has designed 4 years undergraduate program in electrical, electronics and telecommunication engineering to meet these challenges and to provide opportunity to develop professional skills in this field. This program of the study will also provide the basic electrical and telecommunication engineering, communication technology together with basic science, mathematics, language, economics, accounting, business management etc.

The courses are designed to give the students a rigorous and comprehensive academic training of the fundamental aspects of electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineering. These courses are to be completed in 8 semesters in 4 years.

It is mentioned that the students who have completed the 4 (four) years Diploma Program under the Technical Education Board are also eligible for admission under this program. In this regard their duration will be 3 (three) years.

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