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Dhaka International University

Dhaka International University is the first ever private university in Bangladesh to offer Bachelor of Law (Honor’s) Degree. Since its inception, the curriculum for the Bachelor of Law (Honor’s) Degree has been evolved through learning and experience oriented process. Within this process the curriculum has been developed to provide students with a high level of competency in legal profession. With the advent of the new millennium the legal profession is facing a critical challenge in preparing a new generation of lawyers to face the changing needs awaiting them. The critical challenges facing the legal profession come from within society and from outside forces which have become more pronounced with the process of globalization. In this era of globalization of trade and commerce, information superhighway and cultures moving beyond frontiers and transnational boundaries, legal education all over the world is adopting a gradual change in content and method. The revolutionary change in information technology has brought sudden changes and quick shifts in the legal profession. Thus, it has become critical to develop new concepts, methods and practices for all sectors of society and continuous process of learning to keep up to date as new products, services and ideas are developed. The development of trade, commerce and science are making new demands on the legal profession. If lawyers fail to respond to these demands, the legal profession will not remain relevant and people will be forced to seek other avenues for advice. If lawyers are ready with up-to-date knowledge and information not only about legislation but also in the field of science, technology, trade, commerce, then the law and the law alone will become the centre pin of all transactions. Lawyers with vision and skills must meet the challenge of making the laws more responsive.

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