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ASA University Bangladesh

Admission Information

To enter an undergraduate program in ASAUB, the applicant must satisfy:

  • The university's general minimum requirement for getting admission.
  • Minimum requirement for each of the individual program.

ASAUB admits students with the potential of pursuing higher education. It welcomes applications from the students regardless of their gender, religion, age, race, national origin, social background, marital or parental status and disability. It is also committed to the principles of widening participation and encouraging applicants from disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds. It may be noted that admission in some of our programs is very competitive and fulfilling the minimum requirement does not guarantee admission. ASAUB generally follow a policy of limiting the number of seats in a program which means that some students having eligibility often may not get admission.

Admission Eligibility

Students who have passed SSC and HSC or equivalent examinations with at least two 2nd divisions or minimum GPA 2.5 in each (on the scale of 5) may apply for admission. For A level students, who have passed 5 subjects in " O " level and 2 subjects in " A " level may also apply for admission. Out of 7 subjects, the students must have B grade/GPA 4.00 in 4 subjects and C grade/GPA 3.50 in rest 3 subjects are required.

International Students

International students who meet the equivalent admission requirements are eligible for admission as regular students and may acquire and transfer credits. In case of the latter, the minimum duration of study shall be one semester. The university may enrol foreign students under an exchange program or MOU signed between the two universities. The students are admitted in a specific program. We have a handful of Turkish students.

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  • sayed lutfor rahman - posted 19 Jul, 2016

    Those who have MA in English (2-years) should be given opportunity to get admission in ELT (English Language Teaching)