Details About English Department At World University Of Bangladesh:

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Logo of World University of Bangladesh

Basic Info of:
World University of Bangladesh

Details about English Department at World University of Bangladesh:


  • The vision of the University is to create leaders who will make their brain the tiniest laboratory capable of making enormous contributions to economic emancipation and social well-being.


  • Our mission is to build up a University of distinction enabling students to flourish academically, individually and socially through utilitarian education at affordable cost and with an exciting range of programs that are continually updated to reflect the latest developments. One of such programs is Bachelor of Arts in English.
  • BA (Honours) in English at World University of Bangladesh (WUB) offers education that is utilitarian in nature and aimed at bringing economic emancipation for the students. Therefore, the program is designed to expand and intensify the academic excellence of the students through incorporation of the major English courses of the western literary canon as well as nonemajor but time befitting courses of English language, introductory courses on business, computer and information science and international relations. Consequently, after the completion of the degree, a student becomes strongly proficient in English language and literature and competent enough to take the challenges of public as well as corporate sectors.

Objectives of BA in English Program:

  • To create efficient leadership and world class professionals in various government and private sectors.
  • To prepare the students with proper knowledge and expertise in English language and literature so that they can achieve a general culture of mind to lead a successful and meaningful life. Major emphasis is placed on making the students competent for the competitive job field.

Credit Hours & Duration:

  • Minimum 129 credit hours (duration 4 years).

Admission Requirement:

  • 2nd division or GPA of 2.50 in S.S.C & H.S.C separately or total GPA of 6.00 with minimum GPA of 2.00 either in S.S.C or in H.S.C or total GPA of 5.00 in S.S.C & H.S.C for wards of the freedom fighters or minimum 5' 0 Level, 2' A Level courses or eligible GED holders or equivalent. Diploma holders are also admitted with waiver of courses.

Course Waiver:

  • Course may be exempted for candidates beyond 12 years of education and they may complete the course in less than 4 years.

Scholarship & Stipend:

  • 5%-100% Scholarship for meritorious but poor students.
  • Free education for sons & daughters of freedom fighters.
  • 50% Scholarship for females, Physically handicapped, Students from backward areas, Siblings, Spouse, Sports persons, Artists and on the basis of admission tests.

Credit Transfer:

  • Students can transfer their credit to the World University of Bangladesh provided they can submit evidence of previous credits completed from a recognized University or University College of any Commonwealth country. Moreover, students with HNC, HIND and Diprloma from the BTEB or any recognized examination bodies will be given necessary credit exemptions to enable them to finish their courses in a shorter period.

Medium of Instruction:

  • The medium of instruction is English. Therefore, remedial and advanced courses are offered and continued fill the students attain fluency in writing and speaking. Moreover, students are groomed for IELTS.

Evaluation Process:

Students' performance in a course is evaluated as stated below:


Percentage of Marks

Class Attendance and Participation, Quizzes Etc.


Essay, Term Paper, Case Presentation, Group Discussion






Course Final Exam





Promotion & Graduation Policy:

  • The minimum passing grade from 1st semester to 2nd is GPA 2.00, from 2nd to 3rd CGPA 2,25 and from 3rd semester it is CGPA 2.50 and there after.
  • The overall performance of a student is expressed in terms of GRADE POINT Average or CGPA.
  • A student having a CGPA 2.50 without any 'F' in any course shall normally be awarded a degree.

Accreditation and Affiliations:

  • The University is a member or the Association of Common Wealth Universities (ACU), London, Association of Private Universities of Bangladesh and Quality Assurance and improvement council and appears in the worldwide listing of universities by the UNESCO. Moreover we have number of agreements with renowned Universities for exchange programs. The students thus, have wider scope of credit transfers and higher education abroad.

Class Timing:

  • Morning, Day and Evening. However evening classes are meant for service holders.

Other Facilities:

  • Remedial English course till the students attain fluency.
  • Remedial courses for Computer Science & Mathematics.
  • Student-friendly fee and payment system.
  • Day & Evening Classes, Friday-Saturday classes for professionals and service holders.
  • Day & Evening Classes, Friday-Saturday classes for professionals and service holders.
  • Hostel facilities for ladies & mofassil students.
  • Well equipped class rooms and state-of -the art Labs and modern teaching aids.
  • Students' membership with professional, social and cultural organizations.
  • Teaching with full-time teachers supplemented by guest teachers from DU, BUET, JU, RU, JNU, DUET and other professional bodies.
  • Different performance- based scholarship & stipend.

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    dear sir I want to know about english department total s.s.c my gpa was 4.50 & h.s.c 4.90.I passed my h.s.c in 2014.please give details as soon as possible