Policy Of Chittagong And Rajshahi Medical University Law 2015 Approved

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The cabinet has approved the policy of Chittagong and Rajshahi Medical University Law 2015. But Chittagong and Rajshahi Medical College Hospital will remain unchanged. It was approved by the meeting of the Cabinet Secretariat on Monday. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Chaired the meeting.

Cabinet Secretary M Musharraf Hossain Bhuiyan briefed to the reporters after the meeting.

All the Medical colleges of those two areas will be affiliated with their respective two New Medical University. As a result, the number of Medical University in the country will be three including these two new universities.

Cabinet Secretary said Chittagong and Rajshahi Medical University draft law has been approved in today's meeting as per some observations and opinions. He also mentioned, this initiative has been taken to create specialized doctors.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the establishment of two medical universities in March last year.

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    versity campus should be sequer enough.all doctors,resident be well decorated.