Course Outline Of Computer Science And Engineering At Sylhet International University (SIU)

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Course outline / Syllabus Of Computer Science and Engineering in Sylhet International University (SIU)

First Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title Credits
CSE-101 Computer Fundamentals 3
CSE-102 Computer Fundamentals Labs 1
PHY-101 Mechanics, Properties of Matter,Waves,Optics,Heat and thermodynamics 3
MTH-101 Fundamentals of Mathmatics 3
ECN-101 Principles of Economics 2
HUM-101 Oral & Written Comunication Skills 3
HUM-111 Bangladesh Studies : History, Society and Economy (a) History and Socity of Bangladesh, (b)Economy of Bangladesh 4
Total 19
First Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title Credits
CSE-103 Computer Programming in C 3
CSE-104 Computer Programming in C Lab 1.5
MTH-103 Differential and Integral Calculus 3
PHY-103 Electricity and Magnetism, & Modern Physics 3
PHY-102 Physics Lab 1.5
ECE-101 Basic Electrical Engineering 3
ECE-102 Basic Electrical Engineering Lab 1.5
HUM-103 Language Composition & Comprehension 3
CVV-100 Comprehansive Viva Voce 1
Total 20.5
Second Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title Credits
CSE-201 Discrete Mathmatics 3
CSE-203 Object Oriented Programming 3
CSE-204 Object Oriented Programming Lab 1.5
CSE-205 Data Structure 3
CSE-206 Data Structure Lab 1.5
MTH-201 Diferential Equation & Linear Algebra 3
ECE-201 Electronic Device & Circuit 3
ECE-202 Electronic Device & Circuit Lab 1.5
CAN-201 Principles of Accounting 2
MTH-203 Vector Analysis, Complex Variable,Laplace Transforms & Fourier Analysis 4
Total 25.5
Second Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title Credits
CSE-207 Algorithm 3
CSE-208 Algorithm Lab 1.5
CSE-209 Numberical Methods 3
CSE-231 Digital Logic Design 3
CSE-232 Digital Logic Design Lab 1.5
CSE-200 Comprehensive Viva Vocc / Project 2
MT-203 Vector Analysis, Complex Variable,Laplace Transforms, & Fourior Analysis 4
IMG-201 Principles of Management 2
ACN-201 Principles of Accounting 2
CSE-212 Assembly Language Programming Lab 1.5
CVV-200 Comprehansive Viva Voce 1
Total 24.5
Third Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title Credits
CSE-321 Database Systems 3
CSE-322 Database Systems Lab 1.5
CSE-331 Computer Architecture-I 3
CSE-301 E-Commerce and Web Engineering 3
CSE-302 E-Commerce and Web Engineering Lab 1.5
MATH-301 Statistics and Probability 2
ECE-477 Digital Electronics and Pulse Technique 3
ECE-478 Digital Electronics and Pulse Technique Lab 1.5
MTH-301 Statistics and Probability 2
Total 20.5
Third Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title Credits
CSE-300 Software Development 1.5
CSE-303 Operating Systems 3
CSE-304 Operating Systems Lab 1.5
CSE-305 System Analysis 3
CSE-306 System Analysis Lab 1
CSE-315 Data Communication 3
CS-333 Microprossesors and Assembly Language 3
CSE-334 Microprossesors and Assembly Language Lab 1.5
CSE-335 Digital System Design 3
CSE-336 Digital System Design Lab 1.5
CSE-333 Microprocessor 3
ECE-302 Electrical Device And Instrument 1.5
ECE-301 Electrical Device And Instrument 3
CVV-300 Comprehensive Viva Voce 1
Total 30.5
Fourth Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title Credits
CSE-401 Software Engineering 3
CSE-403 Compiler Design 3
CSE-404 Compiler Design Lab 1.5
CSE-421 Computer Network 3
CSE-422 Computer Network Lab 1.5
CSE-431 Computer Graphics 3
CSE-432 Computer Graphics Lab 1.5
CSE-437 Pattern Recognition  
CSE-412 VLSI Design Lab  
CSE-438 Pattern Recognition Lab  
CSE-413 Information System Design  
CSE-414 Information System Design Lab  
CSE-419 Graph Theory  
CSE-420 Graph Theory Lab  
CSE-423 Computer System Performance Evalution  
CSE-424 Computer System Performance Evalution Lab  
CSE-407 Simulation & Modeling  
CSE-453 Digital Image Processing  
CSE-454 Digital Image Processing Lab  
CSE-455 Wireless & Sensor Networks  
CSE-456 Wireless & Sensor Networks Lab  
CSE-457 Bioinformatics  
CSE-458 Bioinformatics Lab  
CSE-461 Neural Networks  
CSE-462 Neural Networks Lab  
CSE-463 Machine Learning  
CSE-464 Machine Learning Lab  
CSE-465 Contemporary course in CSE  
CSE-466 Contemporary course Lab in CSE  
ECE-421 Digital Communication  
CSE-408 Simulation & Modeling Lab  
ECE-422 Digital Logic Design Lab  
Total 16.5
Fourth Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title Credits
CSE-405 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems 3
CSE-406 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Lab 1.5
CSE-411 VLSI Design 3
CSE-435 Computer Interfacing 3
CSE-436 Computer Interfacing Lab 1.5
CSE-400 Project / Thesis 3
CVV-402 Comprehensive Viva Voce 2
CVV-400 Comprehansive Viva Voce 3
Total 20

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