Course Outline Of MA In English (Final) At Sylhet International University (SIU)

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Department Of English: Course Outline / Syllabus of MA in English (Final) at Sylhet International University (SIU)

First Year: Semester I
Course No. Course Title Credits
ENG-501 Shakespeare Lit. (Compulsury) 3
ENG-503 Literacy Theory Lit. (Compulsury) 3
ENG-505 Modenism Lit. 3
ENG-607 Modern European Fiction and Drama Lit. 3
ENG-509 Second Language Acquisition, Language 3
ENG-511 Sociolinguistics, Language 3
ENG-513 Psycholinguistics, Language 3
Total 21
First Year: Semester II
Course No. Course Title Credits
ENG-515 History of English Language, Language (Compulsury) 3
ENG-517 Teacher Education and Research Methodology,Language (Compulsury) 3
ENG-619 Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics, Language 3
ENG-521 Syllabus and Material Design, Language 3
ENG-523 American Literature (From Bradford to Mark Twain), Literature 3
ENG-525 American Literature (From James to Morrison Twain), Literature 3
ENG-627 Post-coloni Literature,Literature 3
ENG-529 20th Century Women\'s Prose and Feminist Literacy Criticism,Literature 3
ENG-600 Thesis 3
ENG-602 Viva Voce 3
Total 30

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