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Academic Courses details of Victoria University of Bangladesh:

Preparing The Curricula:

Curricula play an important role in the implementation of any program. Preparing curricula and putting them in effect need a high degree of proficiency and planning. Different curricula may be prepared for the attainment of the desired academic objectives.

Curricula for the undergraduate level emphasize minimally a broad context of general education and specialization with core courses.

A distinctly professional perspective is followed in regard to the master’s programs. For example, Master of Business Administration (MBA) program prepares students with a general managerial perspective. On the other hand, IT-related master’s curricula are generally aimed at to provide the students with exposure to specialized roles in IT and Business.

Doctoral degrees must prepare the students capable of creating and transmitting knowledge to a highly advanced academic, managerial and professional practice.

Type of Courses:

The undergraduate and graduate curricula are divided into several groups such as:

  • General education courses
  • Core courses
  • Pre-requisite courses
  • Optional courses and
  • Specialization courses.


Victoria University of Bangladesh recognizes the need for every student to obtain general familiarity with the broad areas of knowledge, which are parts of our intellectual heritage. To this end the university offers a curriculum of general studies in all programs leading to a baccalaureate degree.

The general education curriculum exposes students to a body of knowledge and aesthetic experiences and values deemed to be of particular intellectual and social significance. It should help students understand the diversity of approaches to knowledge, expand perceptions, attitudes and abilities in those areas regarded as integral to a collegiate education, and acquire a broad perspective against which they may view their own specialized studies.

Part of the purpose behind a set of general education requirements is to ensure that students are exposed to a broad range of areas across the curriculum. Therefore, students are to satisfy their general education requirements through courses other than those in their major subject. The general education courses also include intensive English language courses and some foundation courses.


A number of courses identified as core courses form the nucleus of the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. A student has to complete all of the core courses for the degree program.


Some of the courses are identified as pre-requisite courses for certain specified courses. A pre-requisite course is required to be completed before a specified course can be taken.


Apart from the core courses, students are to complete a number of courses, which are optional in nature. Students will have some choice to choose the optional courses from a specified group of courses.


Apart from all other courses, students will have to complete a number of courses of their concentration.


An internshp is a program whereby a student, usually after completing all courses, undertakes an affiliation with an organizaiton, under faculty supervision, for the purpose of applying knowledge gained from their studies and to gain experience in the bsiness world. Such programs are approved in advance by the faculty adviser and can last from 8-10 weeks after which the student is assigned credits and grades by the faculty supervisor based on an evaluation of the written report prepared by the intern. Special projects or research work of high standard may be substituted for an internship when formally authorized in advance by the Dean of school or Chairman of the concern department.

Conditions of Internship:

  • It is essetial that students must complete required number of credtis to be eligible for internship.
  • Students shall not be registered into any course during internship unless authorised by the Chairman of the Department/Dean.

Academic Programs Offered by Victoria University of Bangladesh:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English
  • Master of Business Administration (Regular)
  • Master of Business Administration (Executive)
  • Master of Arts in English (1 year)
  • Master of Arts in English (2 years)

 Academic Programs in Future:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design & Apparel Manufacturing Management
  • Sc. in Health Care & Hospital Management
  • B (4 years)
  • B (2 years)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Islamic Studies
  • Sc. in Textile Engineering
  • Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy


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