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Basic Info of:
Asian University for Women (AUW)


The cost of education at AUW for both the Access Academy and Undergraduate programs is US $12,000 per year.***

This includes:

  • Tuition fees
  • Education supplies (books, papers etc.)
  • Residential facilities (lodging, food & other housekeeping services)
  • Primary on-site health services (Dental, Ophthalmological and pre-existing conditions are not covered.)   

Payment of Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is to be paid in three installments during 1st year of admissions. From the 2nd year the tuition fee is to be paid in two installments.


Percentage of Tuition Fee

Payment Schedule

1st Year

40% of the applicable tuition fee


30% of the applicable tuition fee


30% of the applicable tuition fee


2nd Year & onwards

50% of the applicable tuition fee


50% of the applicable tuition fee



To maintain your financial aid you must remain in good academic standing as defined in the Student Handbook.

Financial Aid

Most of our students receive financial aid. AUW strives to meet the financial need of each admitted student and offers financial aid from partial to full coverage based on each family’s background and financial circumstances. All financial aid awards are assessed prior to the beginning of the Access Academy and the Undergraduate Program 

All students are required to fill out the Financial Information in the AUW Application Form and Recommendation Forms. If the student is accepted to the university the financial aid application may be reviewed and evaluated each year. The tuition amount will be determined based on the family’s financial situation. Students will be granted financial aid for the balance amount. Aid may be full or partial. [For example, if a student’s tuition fee is determined to be $5,000 per year, then the remaining balance of $7,000 shall be considered as “financial aid” from AUW.] 

The financial aid shall depend on the parents and family’s financial situation. The financial aid can be full or partial depending on their financial situation. The students who are from affluent family shall not be offered any financial aid; thereby they may have to pay full cost of education in the form of tuition fees. Students may qualify for “work-study” subject to the availability of such job on the campus. AUW reserve the right to review and reevaluate the financial aid status annually.

The Financial Aid Committee of AUW evaluates students’ family financial situations by reviewing the financial aid applications and supporting documents during the admission period.

The committee shall have the right to investigate and verify all the information and documents submitted by the applicants. Students have to maintain a CGPA of 2.0 each year to maintain financial aid, financial aid will be renewed annually until graduation from AUW.

A student cannot apply for any increase in the financial aid after one has started at AUW unless a drastic/major event took place that severely changed their family’s financial situation but please keep in mind that approval of any such increase in financial aid later in the program will be a rare occurrence.

Travel Grant

Travel grants are also awarded to international students who qualify for financial assistance. A travel grant is limited to a one-way ticket to Chittagong and a ticket home after graduation from AUW.  For students seeking tickets during the intermediate summers, you may engage in the AUW work-study program and earn money toward your travel.


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