Admission Scholarship Of Asian University For Women (AUW)

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Asian University for Women (AUW)

The Center for Teaching and Scholarship (CTS) was established to foster academic excellence at AUW.  The primary goal of the CTS is to provide support and service for faculty members to develop their teaching (e.g. course design, pedagogical skills, assessment) and scholarship (publishing, grant writing, research collaboration).  We organize events and workshops for faculty members to enhance their teaching and scholarship, and circulate news about AUW faculty achievements.

Dr. Sara Amin (Social Sciences) and Dr. Andrea Phillott (Biological Sciences) are the current co-directors of the CTS.  Dr. Amin is interested in transformative pedagogy, research, on assessment methodologies, and the role of co-curricular and extracurricular activities and programs on students learning for liberal education.  Dr. Phillott is interested in science education pedagogy; she is currently investigating student performance in “flipped” classrooms, and the influence of individual learning style and use of learning aids on student satisfaction and academic performance.


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