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Bangladesh University (BU)

Academic / Teaching Facilities

Our students benefit from expert lecturers who are at the leading edge of research as well as our strong links with industry. Our Industry Based Learning program has been operating for 14 years


Two halls, one for boys students and another for girls students, respectively located at Adabor and Mohammadpur Campus are made available as residential accommodation of the students.


The university follows modern teaching methods including interactive Internet' simulation' lab work' case analysis' and field study. A special feature of Bangladesh University teaching is the workshop/lab sessions designed to assist students in learning application of concepts and theories. The medium of instructions in Bangladesh University is English.


Students should also keep from plagiarism, eve teasing, bullying, sexual harassment, unfair means in the examination, misbehaving with the teachers & staffs, destroying the assets of the campus, any kind of theft/stealing, any kind of fighting, any kind of political activism, violation of rules, using a fake visitor’s profile, socially unaccepted relationships with other students, entrance in the opposite gender’s dorms, leaving the campus without permission, racism, use of slang, gambling, viewing adult movies, smoking in the non-smoking area, writing on walls or bringing any kind of arms onto the campus. Strict action will be taken on any student transgressing these rules..


BU campus has the necessary infrastructure for students who wish to play football, cricket, table tennis, carom, handball, volleyball, or badminton. However, students will have to bring their own sports equipment, such as balls, bats, racquets etc.


The permanent campus of Bangladesh University having 1.7026 acres of land is located at Adabar, Dhaka which is well connected with other parts of Dhaka city and only one and a half kms away from the present campus. The permanent campus will have six 7 storied interlinked building blocks with the capacity to house ten thousand students.


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