Department Of Physiology And Molecular Biology Of Bangladesh University Of Health Science (BUHS)

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Bangladesh University of Health Science (BUHS)

Physiology is the science of life. It examines how organism are born, develop, adapt when challenged by stress such as environmental extreme or challenge in a disease state, what happens when they dies. In this post genomic era physiology is uniquely poised at the nexus between molecular function and whole organism interactions – explains function of thousands of encoded proteins to bring about the highly coordinated behavior of cells and tissues.

Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS) is focused to ensure development of skilled manpower in laboratory technology with sound theoretical and practical knowledge to meet the future demand of the country. The Department of Physiology & Molecular Biology was found in 2011 with band of career researchers and faculties who have vast training in cell and molecular biology research in scientifically reputed laboratories in abroad. The faculties are taking through Physiology Courses of different BSc (Hons) and Masters programs of the university. Planned program in the department include BSc (Hons) and Masters in Molecular Biology.

The department has research collaboration with different public and private universities in the country and number of research groups in abroad. The main focus of research in the department is exploration of etiopathology of diabetes in Bangladeshi population. Students have the opportunity to observe experimental techniques involving nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) manipulations, sequencing, cell signaling pathways study in addition to the routine practical lesson.

The department offers excellent academic and working environment for the trainees, students and research fellows. The motto is to generate research based knowledge, create knowledge based skillful works force and nurse students to take up lead for further education leading to MPhil/PhD at home and abroad.


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