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Logo of Bangladesh University of Health Science (BUHS)

Basic Info of:
Bangladesh University of Health Science (BUHS)

Objectives of the Program:

  • Develop competencies for public health and community nutrition programs.
  • Update knowledge and develop skills and capacities to address community nutrition problems.
  • Address nutritional problems of all age groups and with special emphasis on the vulnerable groups. 
  • Integrate knowledge from the natural, behavioral and social sciences and apply it to food and nutrition.
  • Learn guidelines for use of dietary and anthropometric components of nutritional status in a community setting.
  • Design nutrition-related community programs and develops capacity of assessment, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Identify the agencies and programs currently addressing the role of diet, health and risk of chronic diseases.
  • Demonstrate verbal and written communication and advocacy skills and understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Impart teaching and training for developing research and learning skills necessary in the areas of Community Nutrition.

Courses to be covered:
Introduction to Public Health, Concept of Community Nutrition and Fundamentals of Nutrition, Basics of Health Promotion & Health Education, Macro- and Micronutrients, Basics of Biostatistics, Nutrition in Life Cycle, Food Security, Safety and Food Quality, Basics of Epidemiology, Basics of Research Methodology, Data analysis using relevant softwares, Applied Nutrition & Nutrition related Indicators, Advance d Nutrition, Protocol development and presentation, Principle of Dietetics, Economic Growth, Poverty and Nutrition, Nutrition related Policies and Programs, Food Based Dietary Guidelines for Bangladesh: challenges and opportunities, Improving Nutrition through Multi-sectoral Approach, Evidence based Intervention and Essential Nutrition Action (ENA), Body Composition and Nutrient Drug Interaction, Comprehensive Field Visit, Management of Community Nutrition Services and Programs, Thesis.

Credits & Duration:
The MPH in Community Nutrition Program will be conducted on a Course & Credit based structure with 23 number of Courses to be dispensed in 80 Credits (1815 hours) in total, completed in a minimum time span of 1 year.

Commencement of the Course:
Each new Program will commence in Fall and Spring in every year (02 intakes per year).

Admission Requirements:

  1. Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Community Nutrition or its equivalents from any recognized University.
  2. Masters in Human nutrition/ Nutrition/ MPH from other recognized University.
  3. MBBS or its equivalent degree from any recognized University plus one year internship.
  4. BDS degree recognized by BMDC with one year internship. 
  5. BSc in Nursing recognized by Bangladesh Nursing Council and 2 year working experiences.
  6. Masters in Biological Sciences plus 2 years working experiences in public health.
  7. BSc in Physiotherapy plus 2 years working experiences.
  8. Non-Medical background: recognized Bachelor degree with 2 years of working experiences.
  9. Foreign students with equivalent qualifications are eligible. 
  10. Equivalence will be decided by a Committee called ‘Equivalence Committee’ formed by the Academic Council of BUHS

Job opportunities:
Research position in the field of public health in government and non government organization, Various key positions in different projects and organization.

Cost Details

Number of Semesters : 04
Number of total credits : 80
Number of total courses : 23
Admission Fee : BDT 10,000
Fee per credit : BDT 2,425
Exam fee per course : BDT 2,000
Total Course Fee : BDT 250,000


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    I have completed BSc in nursing and i have 1year experience in clinical side.i want to admitted in masters of food and nutrition. Now tell what will be do by mine to get a chance here.