MS In Applied Laboratory Sciences Of Bangladesh University Of Health Science (BUHS)

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Logo of Bangladesh University of Health Science (BUHS)

Basic Info of:
Bangladesh University of Health Science (BUHS)

Objectives of the Program:

  • Equip themselves with advanced knowledge to understand the purpose and basic of laboratory procedures and their role in the diagnosis and management of diseases, and to understand basic concepts of behavioral sciences that are relevant to establishing good interpersonal relationship and empathy. 
  • Manage total quality control procedure and Laboratory.
  • Perform cost-analysis of laboratory resources.
  • Internal and external quality control
  • Method/reference range establishment
  • Establish clinical laboratory
  • Involve in research activities in home and abroad
  • Provide equal knowledge and experience in clinical biochemistry, pathology, hematology, microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, histology through the under taking of enough laboratory work 
  • Understand normal functions of human body and interpret normal functions with view to differentiate them from abnormal functions.
  • Explain basic mechanism of diseases; etiology, pathogenesis, morphological changes and correlate between clinical findings and pathological changes. 
  • Understand theoretical basis of the operation of laboratory equipments and maintaining proper quality and standard: records, reports and interpret results of the tests using computers and other technologies. 
  • Perform routine and specialized laboratory tests using modern equipments and maintaining proper quality and standard; record, report and interpret results of the tests using computers and other technology. 
  • Ensure quality control and quality assurance in laboratory practices as well as laboratory safety measures. 
  • Develop attitude for continuous self learning and assessment throughout the whole of practicing life. Impart teaching and training for developing research and learning skills necessary in the areas concerned.

Courses to be covered:
Preanalytical Phase in Analytical Laboratory, Analytical Techniques & Instrumentation -1, Basics of Biostatistics, Laboratory Biosafety, Hematology, Analytical Techniques & Instrumentation – 2, General Bacteriology, Transfusion Medicine, Clinical Biochemistry, Basics of Research methodology, Data analysis using relevant softwares, Automation in Analytical Laboratory, Laboratory Management, Advanced Analytical Techniques -1, Advanced Analytical Techniques-2, Advanced Biological Techniques, Scientific Communication, Protocol development & Presentation, Molecular and Immunodiagnostics, Thesis.

Credits & Duration:
The MS in Applied Laboratory Sciences Program will be conducted on a Course & Credit based structure with 20 number of Courses to be dispensed in 80 Credits (1800 hours) in total, completed in a minimum time span of 1 year.

Commencement of the Program:
Each new Program will commence in Fall and Spring in every year (02 intakes per year)

Admission Requirements:

  1. Honours in Laboratory Technology or its equivalents from any recognized University.
  2. Four year diploma in medical/laboratory technology/postgraduate diploma in medical/laboratory technology from any recognized University.
  3. Foreign students with equivalent qualifications are eligible.
  4. Equivalence will be decided by a Committee called ‘Equivalence Committee’ formed by the Academic Council of BUHS

Job opportunities:
NGO, Development Agencies, Public Health Programs of the Government.

Cost Details

Number of Semesters : 04
Number of total credits : 80
Number of total courses : 20
Admission Fee : BDT 10,000
Fee per credit : BDT 3,125
Exam fee per course : BDT 2,000
Total Course Fee : BDT 300,000


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