Courese Details Of LLB Honors At Varendra University:

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Courese description of LLB honors at Varendra University:

Course Overview of LLB honors at Varendra University:

The program aims to provide comprehensive education in law as an academic discipline. It aims to develop in students the capacity for in-depth appreciation of relevant subjects and of their importance and to train them to be excellent law practitioners.

The program is focused to realize students’ capabilities to identify and develop new opportunities and integrate theoretical knowledge with the capacity to apply such knowledge in practice with innovations and the practice of innovative leadership.

There will be formal final examinations and all work carried out in the program will be considered in the overall assessment. A satisfactory record of class work will also be required at each stage.

Admission Requirements for LLB honors at Varendra University:

Minimum GPA 2.50 in both S.S.C. and H.S.C. or equivalent.

Duration of the Program:

The duration of the program will be 4 (four) academic years.

Academic Year and Semester System:

An academic year will be of three Semesters, 4 months duration under each Semester which will be allotted in the following manner: There will be time period of 16 weeks in which 14 weeks will be for instruction and 2 weeks for registration and examination.

The schedule of an academic year will be as follows:


Title of the Semester


Semester I


January – April

Semester II


May – August

Semester III


September – December

 Total Credit Hours Requirement

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) program consists of minimum 130 Credit Hours.

Numerical Grade

Letter Grade

Grade Point

80 % and above

A+ (A Plus)


75% to less than 80 %

A (A Regular)


70 % to less than 75%

A- (A Minus)


65% to less than 70%

B+ (B Plus)


60% to less than 65%

B (B Regular)


55% to less than 60%

B- (B Minus)


50% to less than 55%

C+ (C Plus)


45% to less than 50%

C (C Regular)


40% to less than 45%



Less than 40%



Continuation for Thesis/Project


Evaluation Procedures:

The evaluation system is based on class attendance, in course/class test, assignments/term papers, mid-term and final examination. No. of classes, class test and assignment/term paper will depend on respective course teacher. There will be a mid-term in the middle of the Semester. The distribution of marks is as follows:

Class Attendance                    



In course/ class test               



Assignment/Term paper      






Semester Final                        




Course Curriculum of LLB honors at Varendra University:

Lecture Hour per Course

The procedures of credit hour Trimester system will be practiced in the academic programs of VARENDRA UNIVERSITY having involvements of (14) weeks of instruction in each Semester and courses may have different credit hours having involvement of (14) instruction hour under each specific credit hour.

In this context, a 3 credit hour course running for 14 weeks will have 3×14= 42 hours of teaching.

Courses Structure

41 Courses x 3                                      =    123 Credit Hours

Viva Voce                                              =    3 Credit Hours

Project/Thesis Paper (Internship)            =    4 Credit Hours

Total                                                     =    130 Credit Hours


To obtain the Degree of Bachelor of Law (LL.B Honors) a student will have to complete minimum 130 Credit Hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.50. If any student fails in any course he/she will get the opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the same in the subsequent Semester like all other students. 

Syllabus details of LLB honors at Varendar University:

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