Children Are Future Leaders Of The Country : Nurul Islam Nahid

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Children are Future Leaders of the Country : Nurul Islam Nahid

 Nurul Islam Nahid,Educational Minister, on October 16, 2015 (Friday) said that new instructive arrangement will be made to keep pace with the world.

The clergyman thought of the attestations while tending to a mindfulness raising level headed discussion rivalry on 'social devolution instead of the absence of good administration is the fundamental reason of tormenting kids'.

Banter for Democracy sorted out the project as a component of denoting the "Shishu Adhikar Saptaha-2015" at Bangladesh Shishu Academy theater. Bajrayogini JK High School and Adamjee Cantonment College partook in the open deliberation rivalry.

The priest said today's youngsters are future pioneers of the nation. This is the reason our instructive framework ought to be world class. Wrangle for Democracy director Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiron managed the system.

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