New Process To Stop Corruption In Educational Institution

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New Process to Stop Corruption in Educational Institution

The head of school, school, madrasa and specialized instructive organizations will review other comparable foundations starting now and into the foreseeable future to assess their execution, said Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid.

As per the new framework called "PR Inspection", head of two comparative instructive organizations will examine one another's foundations toward the end of the session.

Nahid introduced the "PR Inspection" at Cirdap assembly room in Dhaka this twelve. The new process will permit head of instructive organizations to assess other foundations' exercises; the clergyman said including that the heads will must be more dependable in such manner.

Tuning in the system, Education Secretary Nazrul Islam Khan said around 1,700 instructive establishments can be reviewed by the Directorate of Inspection and Audit Ministry of Education every year.

Notwithstanding, there are around 36,000 instructive organizations in Bangladesh and around 20 years is expected to review every one of these establishments under the common framework, he included.

Standard review is an essential part to guarantee quality training thus the PR Inspection framework has been acquainted with attempt a win, he said.

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The Head Of School School Madrasa And Specialized Instructive Organizations Will Review Other Comparable Foundations Starting Now And Into The Foreseeable Future To Assess Their Execution Said Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid

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