JnU Celebrates 11th Founding Anniversary Today

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JnU  Celebrates 11th Founding Anniversary Today

The eleventh establishing commemoration of Jagannath University (JnU)  hung on October 20, 2015 with much energy.

The college yard has loaded with the bridle voice alike there is energy among instructors and understudies to stamp the day.

The college organization has taken the activity to sort out diverse projects denoting the establishing commemoration. Among them, introducing the day through discharging birds and inflatables, rally, workshops and social occasions are critical.

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman said the assessment of disappointments and accomplishments after the foundation of the college, a state funded college is not have the capacity to achieve the most noteworthy crest of improvement only ten years after the foundation. Be that as it may, the advancement in examination and distribution this year is critical.

He said, a sum of 19 scientists have been conceded for the PhD level of Jagannath University in the two sessions. 51 scientists have been conceded for the MPhil degree.

Teacher Dr. Mizanur Rahman thinks this is the greatest accomplishment of Jagannath University in this establishing commemoration.

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The 11th Founding Anniversary Of Jagannath University Jnu Held On October 20 2015 With Much Enthusiasm

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