JnU Website Hacked!

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JnU Website Hacked!


A worldwide programmer's gathering hacked the official site of Jagannath University (JnU) on October 19, 2015. In any case, the JnU powers neglected to recuperate the site till now.

As of late the sub-spaces under www.jnu.ac.bd are under audit of JnU IT office. The sub-areas hacked by the programmers are-http://anp.jnu.ac.bd/; http://bangla.jnu.ac.bd/; http://ais.jnu.ac.bd/; http://bot.jnu.ac.bd/; http://chem.jnu.ac.bd/; http://cse.jnu.ac.bd/; http://ihc.jnu.ac.bd/; http://history.jnu.ac.bd/; http://geography.jnu.ac.bd/; http://geo.jnu.ac.bd/; http://fin.jnu.ac.bd/; http://eng.jnu.ac.bd/; http://elc.jnu.ac.bd/; http://eco.jnu.ac.bd/; http://sociology.jnu.ac.bd/; http://prac.jnu.ac.bd/; http://phy.jnu.ac.bd/; http://math.jnu.ac.bd/; and http://jsci.jnu.ac.bd/.

JnU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mizanur Rahman said, "I don't think about the matter. On the off chance that our site is hacked, our data innovation specialists will recoup it at the earliest opportunity."

The programmer likewise leaves a message for the site administrator, "Hi Admin, I Just Tested Your Security, And The Result Is A Low Security Detected, Plz patch up once more". 'Sorry :p'.

"Hacked by R1pH47", From International Underground Hacker Team, "Give Your Site Some Security, generally R1pH47 visit your site o

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