Two New Department Being Introduced At Camilla University

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Two new Department being introduced at Camilla University


keeping in mind the needs of the large number of public higher education, the 26th public university of the country was established at Comilla. The population of the region came to an end a long period of waiting. The culture, knowledge and education to promote the overall development of the region as well as the unique contribution.
One of the oldest monasteries in the world, Sal Bihar ghemse Cole grew up learning at the university, so it is not just a mere. There's also a historical and overall significance. The whole country is gradually becoming one of the best learning in the university. Consequently, two new department being added to the curriculum of the university.
Comilla University establishment of the department at the time, but now only 7 out of 17 university students are introduced. The new academic year (2015-2016), the more the two department being introduced. Mass Communication and Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences and Law Department of the Law Faculty. The committee has already admitted to the university. Admission notice has been published. About 90 students will get the opportunity to attend two of the new department.

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